How to use your Project Boards

To help you make the most of this valuable functionality, we've created this handy guide explaining each section of the My Project Boards area.

My Project Boards Page

GD Web Projects 1a

01. Navigation Pane

This is where you can access your project boards, orders and returns, as well as change your password.


02. Create a New Board


Adding Items to a Project Board

GD Web Projects 3b

To add items to a board, simply select the Project Board button on the item page, then either click on an existing Project Board and ‘Add to Project Board’ or click ‘Create a new board’, name the new board, select it and then ‘Add to Project Board’.


Managing a Project Board

GD Web Projects 2b

01. Manage Board

02. Manage Products

Hover over the icon at the top right of each product to make changes, including copying or moving your product to another board or deleting.


03. Adding Notes

For easy reference, you can make notes against each item in your board, for example which room you plan to put the item etc.


Adding a Project Board to your Basket

GD Web Projects 4a

01. Two ways to add to Basket

There are 2 ways to add your Project Board to your basket

1. From the My Project Boards main menu

2. From within the Project Board itself


02. Warning Pop-up

A pop-up warning will appear when you click to add the project to your basket, this is to alert you that adding the project board to your basket will combine it with any other items that may currently be in your existing basket. Therefore, you may want to remove the basket items or checkout with the existing basket contents first. If not, and you are happy for them to be combined, simply click ‘OK’ and it will merge your project board with your existing basket contents.